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    I started building pot style calls in the Fall of 2006 after a few years of making wingbone yelpers.  My focus is making a quality call that not only sounds good but looks good as well.  All materials are hand selected and every step in making your call is done by me.  I assure you, if I won't hunt with it you won't either.  Look through my pages and let me know if I can build a for you!










    carries a broad range of Trail Cameras for any budget. They have several different models and accessories to choose from. Cameras for the weekend warrior to the serious hunter. Let Covert be your next camera you use in the field this year!










      As serious hunters we think about how our products perform in the field and how they will help you be a better hunter. We literally use our products and push them all to the limit.  engineers may be the ones who design our gear, but our hunters figure out ways to break it. Then we start all over again until we get it right. We do know our way is a little different, we also know its better.








       Through I'll be documenting my season as well as any interviews I can get with people in the outdoor industry. I'll also share with you any gear I use to give you  an unbiased straight forward review of how the product performs in the real world. Plus I'll publish anything else I feel like posting!






      The Network is all about hunting shows and video… Period. Plain and simple! The Bottom Line! We bring you network hunting television shows, online hunting shows from independent producers, and the very best of hunting video published to social media sites like YouTube and Vimeo. We put them all together on one site so that people can find the hunting video they need!

    Official Bow Sights of Final Impact




    Bowhunting World’s Reader’s Choice award for movable sight of the year, 8 straight years!


           Official Camo of Final Impact


     NaturalGear© is science. It's not art, so don't make it look like art. Its pattern is a non-manipulated, soft-edged photographic image of natural elements. It has the colors of nature, without all the technical "artistic" details (sticks and leaves) that clutter other camouflage patterns. We simply refuse to cave-in to the whims of merchandising. If you want to make a fashion statement by wearing the "latest" sticks-and-leaves artwork, so be it. If you want to disappear naturally, with a pattern that's open, soft, shadow-free, versatile, and totally devoid of sticks-and-leaves, wear NaturalGear©!