Making an Impact, One Hunt at a Time!

Great start to Chapter 2!!!!

  • Chapter 2 of Final Impact Outdoors kicked off this past weekend. New crew members Cory Hill and Ryan Bailey from North Carolina started their season off in South Carolina. At 345am the guys loaded up all their gear to make the 2 hour trip to South Carolina. They arrived at their buddy’s farm house at about 600am. Although the forecast was for a rain free day, the guys dealt with rain till about 830am.  Since the weather began to change for the guys they had high hopes to have an amazing day and they were not disappointed at all.



    After walking 500-600 yards the guys decided to set the bind up under a small group of oak trees and placed the decoys at 10 yards and began the waiting game. At about 900am their hopes began to diminish, the woods were quite and no sign of any turkeys in the area. They decide that they would pack things up and see if they could get one fired up in another location. While packing up the decoys and camera gear a gobble rang out!!!! They got everything set back up as quick as possible and made a dash to the blind! They made a few calls and before they knew it they had 5 longbeards headed their way!!


    The birds made a b-line for the decoys and as they approached the excitement level rose to a all time high!! The action was packed full of drumming, strutting, and gobbling at point blank range. As all this action is going on Cory and good friend Steve were preparing to lay the hammer down. The signal was given to the guys to take the shot and when it was all and done with, three South Carolina birds were laying in front of the guys!!



    What a great way to start Chapter 2 of Final Impact Outdoors. This hunt was filmed by crew member Ryan Bailey. They had 5 camera angles rolling as this hunt unfolded in front of them. Amazing footage was caught on this hunt and can be seen on Chapter 2 of Final Impact Outdoors!!! God Bless and Happy Hunting!!!



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