Making an Impact, One Hunt at a Time!





         Final Impact Outdoors (FIO) was created as a way for us to be able to share our outdoor experiences with the common hunter because that’s who we are. We intend to showcase the ups and the downs that every hunter faces on a day to day basis.  We understand that everyone cannot afford the time away from their jobs and most importantly the time away from their families, not to mention the cost that comes with going to an outfitter for a trophy hunt.(FIO)strives to put a show together that is not only entertaining but informative as well.  Hunters know that they are not going to kill the trophy of a lifetime every day that they enter the woods and yet that is what mainstream hunting media has led people to believe.  It is the mission of (FIO) to show that hunting is still a pleasurable sport and that the harvest is just the icing on the cake.  The most important part of being in the outdoors is the quality time spent with family and friends and making memories that will last a lifetime.